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Posted Monday, 31 March 2008 at 17:52


Just over a year ago, on February the 8th I wrote this blog:


If the Conservative party is ever to be in power again it needs to win with a comfortable majority….


In the event of a hung parliament, the Liberal Democrats and the Labour party have one thing in common, a desire to keep Conservatives out of power.

The majority of  Liberal Democrats are a long way left of New Labour, they would have a long political road to travel to get anywhere near to the Conservatives….


If we have a hung Parliament there will be another Lib Lab pact, and the price will be PR.


Last week Jean Eaglesham of the FT ran a story regarding the new language being used by the Labour party. The language consisted of words such as alternative voting, compulsory voting and PR.


The story was largely uncommented on. What we are about to witness are the first steps of Labour’s desperate efforts to keep the Conservatives out of power, and to cling onto government.


This will necessitate a working relationship between Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown. It won’t need any further cosying up between Lib Dem and Labour MPs. The biggest defender of government policy when Conservatives oppose comes from the Lib Dem benches; however, not with any thanks or appreciation from the Labour party back benchers, who hold Lib Dem MPs largely in contempt.


A resurgent Conservative party is a worry to the Lib Dems, as there are many Conservatives in close second place to their own  MPs,  they are looking at losing over half of their parliamentary seats.


 The Labour party is staring at recession, falling polls, a Conservative London Mayor and defeat.


Bedfellows they will yet be.

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