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Mamma Mia
Posted Friday, 28 March 2008 at 09:56

Last night, I went for a drink after work with the MP who gave me the nickname ‘Bridget’, which caught on just a little bit too quickly!

He said something which scared me.

He has just been to see Mamma Mia. “I thought it was about Abba” said he “but it’s not, and you’ll never guess what, you’re in it!”

“I’m in it?” said I, perplexed to say the least. Do I really have an alter ego? Am I sleep walking?

“Yes, only your name’s Donna.”  Donna?  “Yes, you look like her, sound like her, she even has your mannerisms, it’s you.”

 Oh no, here we go again. I suppose I will have to go and see it now, just to see what he’s on about. I don’t mind that, but I hope he doesn’t start calling me Donna – I’m confused enough as it is.

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