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Posted Thursday, 27 March 2008 at 09:46

An MP told me yesterday about a plot which has been established in order to thwart a 20 week amendment.

When the vote takes place, it is very likely to be taken on the basis of a pendulum amendment.

This means that a pro-abortion MP could put down a 23 week amendment. At the moment, the upper limit is 24 weeks.

Pro-abortion MPs would then pile in to vote for the 23 week amendment, on the basis that they could then tell their electorate, that they voted to reduce the upper limit at which abortion takes place; but fail to mention the seven day margin of error.

Now my job is to make sure that every journalist understands the implications of this, and doesn't let them get away with it!

So, to all you journalists who keep cutting and pasting my blog into the diary pages... It's pay back time!

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