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And then the phone rang......
Posted Friday, 14 March 2008 at 15:10

What an incredibly romantic place Wrest Park is.

For those who don't know, Wrest Park is located in my constituency, and thanks to English Heritage, the magnificent eighteenth-century landscaped gardens have been beautifully restored.

I have a press release of the visit on my homepage. 

As we walked through the gardens we talked about the movements of Capability Brown - it is somewhat ironic, that by containing his over enthusiastic approach to turning estate gardens into parklands - thereby saving the nobility maintenance costs in order that they could pay off their gambling debts - the beauty of the Wrest Park French landscape has prevailed for us all to enjoy today.

As we walked and talked through the grounds taking in all of the architectural detail, just for one little moment, I was wearing a long dress, and carrying a parasol, I sighed. There was a table laid out ahead of me with maids and silver tea pots and sunshine glistening on the water beyond the croquet lawn .........

And then my phone rang…...


Photo above shows Neil Cole of English Heritage, myself and the project curator Gareth Hughes.

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