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Posted Thursday, 28 February 2008 at 12:43

I couldn't wake up this morning. Yesterday, the day after Auschwitz, was mad; and last night, the lack of sleep hit me like a sledge hammer.

On top of the usual meetings etc, a group of referendum campaign supporters from Bedfordshire came to meet me.

 I had a long interview with Sarah Sands from the Daily Mail, an even longer photograph session afterwards, an interview with the Evening Standard and File on Four for Radio 4.

The interview with the Mail comes out possibly tomorrow.

 There is one thing I can guarantee, even after a very lengthy photography session, that the photograph will look nothing like me, and will, in fact, be hideous.

A funny thing happened in the lift outside David Cameron’s office. Ed Llewellyn, David’s chief of staff, came to the doors carrying a print off version of my blog!

In jest, I teased him demanding to know why he was carrying it around with him, clutched to his heart even!  With no answer forthcoming I joked "Do you love me or something?" which turned him the most remarkable shade of pink!

Whilst all this was going on there were protesters dancing on the roof.

 According to my American intern Justin, if it had been the White House, they would have been shot with rubber bullets, tear gased but definitely removed instantly.

We don't shoot here, we just let people walk all over democracy.

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