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A Love Letter.
Posted Tuesday, 26 February 2008 at 11:12

Baroness Warsi and Eric Ollerenshaw, (Head of Citizens & Diversity at CCHQ) at Krakow Airport.

Photo above of Baroness Warsi and Eric Ollerenshaw, (Head of Citizens & Diversity at CCHQ) at Krakow Airport.

The approach of the flight into Krakow was interesting.

Block upon block of concrete flats, interspersed with huge smoking chimneys servicing heavy industry.

On the coach en route to Auschwitz.

Below is part of a letter written by a mother, who handed her daughter over to child rescuers during the very last operation....

I cannot believe I have one night to stuff a life time of love into this letter.

Tomorrow morning - if 4am can be called morning, I am giving you up.

I am taking you, Mirele, to the back entrance of dear, brave Hermann's grocery and the child rescuers will be waiting there for you and the thirty two other children under the age of three. They'll inject you with a sedative so you won't cry and then they'll slip off in the pre-dawn with you - my life, my love, out of this barbaric country to safety........

I will plead that this letter be allowed to go, sewn into your under shirt. And then I will pray to God that the letter stays with you until you are old enough to read it. You must know that we love you. You must know why you are alone, without parents. Not because they didn't love you, but because they did.

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