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Posted Wednesday, 30 January 2008 at 14:01

A journalist has sent me an e mail informing me of the web site Google scholar I was un-aware of its existence until now.


The person who sent me the email said “I was checking out Anands qualifications”. I checked it out myself.


The papers he has produced are staggering.


“How could the Science and Technology committee have overlooked such a man? The title ‘world authority’ is obviously correct but somehow doesn’t do him justice?” said the journo.


It does make you wonder. Especially as Evan Harris told me in the tea room the other day that he knew of Anand when he was at Oxford.


I remember well Evan Harris commenting in the committee when I suggested, on number of occasions, that Anand should give evidence.


He said, “If we ask every paediatrician from Little Rock to give evidence we will be here forever”.


Click on Google Scholar, type in KJS Anand and see for yourself.


Then type in the names of the members on the committee who felt that taking evidence from Anand in relation to foetal pain wasn’t necessary.

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