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I Am Not A Democrat!
Posted Wednesday, 30 January 2008 at 09:52

John McCain with wife Cindy.

Melissa Kite, mistakenly gave the impression in the Sunday Telegraph, that I am a Democrat. I am not - I am most definitely a moderate Republican.

I'm sure Melissa's article had been subjected to word chopping, which allowed this error to occur; however, the interview was about which Democrat candidate I preferred, Clinton or Obama, not which party!

My new American intern Justin has arrived, which means I now have someone to chew the American elections cud with.

He's in the 'military', is a moderate Republican, and McCain's his man.

We were both excited about the Mansion House address Bush delivered this week; and both despair with Giuliani's position in the polls.

McCain's win last night was good news, however, I am so sad that Giuliani came third.

I can't believe Americans aren't crying out for the man who fixed New York and dealt with the aftermath of 9/11.

The rest of my staff look on with bemused wonderment, as American election morning conversation goes over their heads. Never mind you lot - only 11 more months to go!

The atmosphere around Westminster is not very nice, these are strange days.

Hain gone, Alexander hanging by her finger tips, Harman with a big cloud hovering, the media in a feeding frenzy over one of ours.

I can't help thinking it all detracts from the bigger picture, which is the government pushing through legislation, that will see the biggest transfer of powers to the EU, we have witnessed in a very long time.

Everyone in the Chamber was very tetchy last night, lots of shouting and generally a very uncomfortable atmosphere - I didn't like it one bit.

I find it very depressing. As I watched the government's hapless Minister read quickly through a speech prepared earlier by a civil servant, I couldn't help wondering whether democracy really can truly exist in an objective driven society, governed by a political ideology.

I so often see the will of the people ignored - the protocols and traditions of the House - there to guarantee fair representation - abused, as one piece of faulty legislation after another is pushed through.

My own select committee experience, and what I saw in the Chamber last night, would lead me to conclude, probably not.

It's no wonder the American elections provide a bit of light relief!

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