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PMQs Human Hybrids and a Flat Share
Posted Wednesday, 16 January 2008 at 13:05


The best bit about PMQs today was the look on Ruth Kelly’s face when Gordon Brown commented on the good work of the former Prime Minister, it was indeed a picture!


The Lords voted yesterday by a ratio of 3 -1 to allow the creation of animal human hybrids, despite the fact that professor Ian Wllmut who created Dolly the sheep, has now abandoned research into Human Embryos.


He believes we should be using adult cells rather than embryo cells on the basis of new research - published in both Japan and the US last November - showing you can produce embryonic like cells from adult cells without the need for Embryo research.


This is a route with no ethical problems whatsoever, yet the Lords have chosen to vote for a procedure which has yielded no treatments and with which there are serious ethical problems.


I was a co-sponsor of the excellent 10 minute Rule Bill put forward by David Burrowes MP this week, to encourage the collection of umbilical cord blood which contains cells that are both flexible and rich enough to provide a wealth of cures for serious ailments such as leukaemia.


As I said yesterday, don’t expect any common sense; what we saw yesterday was a triumph for the bio-technology industry.


Whenever there’s a bad decision in Parliament, you will often find money at the bottom of it.



There is a rumour circulating that I am about to flat share with three male MPs.


The minute I heard the word ironing, the rumour became un- true.

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