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Who am I?
Posted Tuesday, 15 January 2008 at 12:28
Well, if I were writing this blog in 2020 and aged 12, it might be impossible to answer that question.

I may have been born as a result of my mother’s dexterous use of a sperm kit, or via the result of gametes created by two women.

I would probably be entirely unable to source my genetic make-up, and would never be able to answer the question: who am I?

Unfortunately, the argument and debate around the creation of human hybrids, cybrids, and fatherless children, flies over the top of the head of just about every member of the public.

Far be it from me to suggest that the government are hoping that this is exactly the case. Heaven forbid that the people should understand the detail contained within the Human Tissue & Embryology Bill, being discussed in the Lords at the present, and about to appear in the Commons for MPs to debate and vote upon.

It would be very foolish indeed for the public to hope that common sense would prevail, and that MPs and Peers would see the dangers posed within the Bill.

Everyone I have spoken to who has heard, or read, of the case of the identical twins, who were both adopted at birth by different families, and unaware of each others existence, met and married before discovering that they were twins, has been appalled and shocked.

This may not be such an un-common occurrence in the future.

In the future, any husband who asks his wife ‘who are you?’ may find the reply is ‘your wife, the mother of your children and your sister.’

’Who am I?’ may become a question no-one dares ask.
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