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It will All End in Tears
Posted Friday, 11 January 2008 at 14:01

So at long last, a timid Hutton spells out the case to go nuclear.


He was so ‘not going to go nuclear’ during his statement that if you hadn’t been fascinated by the issue, you could have been forgiven for dropping off!


I had an engagement in my constituency and by a stroke of luck managed to get in front of a monitor with Sky when he was about 10 minutes in.


If Hutton is going to face down the dissent on his side of the House, and silence the Labour rebels, he is going to need to sound a whole lot more convinced himself first. He needs to say it like he means it… doesn’t he?


I drove into John R Ford’s garage in my constituency this morning, which is very female friendly; however, even by their standards, I was pushing the limit.


“Hi”, breezed I, strolling into the pit, “there’s a red tear-drop light come up on the dash-board of my car.  Is that something to worry about, or is the car just at its wits end with my driving?”


“Tear drop”? said the lovely patient mechanic as a look of concern crossed his face. He tookk a stick out of the car engine and said something I can’t type.


It was the oil by all accounts. “Is it low?” said I. “Low” said the mechanic, “there isn’t any. I have no idea how you have driven it here. The engine is about to seize up any minute.”


See, my car does love me after all – proven by the fact it is no longer crying.


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