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All substance but no style?
Posted Tuesday, 8 January 2008 at 15:50

Hillary Clinton

Watching the video of Hillary Clinton close to tears last night on Conservativehome, I realised for the very first time, that I was watching a woman.

I thought back to a news report of her I saw years ago and another impression she left on me then. It was during the "I did not have sex with that woman" days; there was Hillary, stoic, standing by her man, unemotional, not a trace of despair or betrayal to be seen in her face.

Not for one second did the world see the gut wrenching pain that she - someone full of ambition and ability - must have felt, having stood in the shadows and supported a man who was unable to even repay her with the most basic loyalty.

Bill Clinton's words yesterday "I can’t make her male or younger" grated on me slightly.

Not being male is not the problem, if anything she needs to be more of a woman, because at the moment the androgeonous, sexless, too short hair, mens' besuited image, she is presenting to America portrays a person and a life, that no one can relate to.

What was she wearing yesterday? Nothing that said I am a woman.

Look at some of the other women who have made it on the world stage in politics - Segolene Royale used every female asset in the book; beautiful, poised, elegant, she presented every woman in France with an image that they either were themselves, or wished to aspire to.

Benazir Bhutto, despite her cultural dress code, always looked feminine and charmed in a very strong but feminine way.

People even said Margaret Thatcher was sexy!(?)

Is it all about image then? Is that how shallow it all is?

To a large degree yes - in a world of media driven politics, Hillary's biggest mistake has been her failure to employ a personal style consultant, not having grown her hair longer, dieted, worn feminine clothes and shown a little bit more of the raw emotion.

America knows her policies, it’s the woman they need to see.

And maybe a few years ago she should have shown every woman in America, that whilst she was experiencing what many other women have - and those who haven’t live in fear of - that when she cuts, she bleeds, just like the rest of us.

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