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Health Warning!
Posted Monday, 7 January 2008 at 14:49

Gordon Brown’s promise that every adult in Britain will be given a ‘Health MOT’ is at best, a very opportunistic gimmick, and at worse, a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.

Apparently, the details are still being worked out, however, initially screening is to be offered to the over 60s.

Many may remember the generous pay rise awarded to GPs not that long ago.

Contrary to popular opinion, GPs were not instantly given a pay rise overnight, there were certain conditions which had to be met, one of which was the establishment of protocols for the screening of patients for diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. It would be very difficult indeed to find a GP who didn't screen, as a matter of course, all patients over 60/65.

In addition to this, it’s almost impossible to register with any GP, as a result of the newly established protocols, without first having an appointment with the GP to assess your level of wellness and undergoing routine screening.

The problem is, and always has been, with the working well and busy population, who regardless of how many times they are called, rarely attend appointments for screening.

So surely the answer is to offer all employers incentives to run screening within the workplace and start the process much earlier than 60/65?

This could be done in a similar way to which the blood transfusion service operates - after all, it’s in the employer’s best interests to ensure a healthy workforce.

Today is the first day Parliament sits of the new year and the Prime Minister delivers a speech, the substance of which is spin and gimmicks, devoid of original thought or inspiration.

That’s promising then!

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