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Posted Thursday, 3 January 2008 at 11:37

For anyone like me who is a bit of an American election virgin, then I strongly suggest you read All you need to know on Conservative Home each day. Check out (there I go slipping straight into American speak!) the ‘play political videos’. I will be following All you need to know every day because it’s bite sized and gives me maximum information with minimum demand on my time.

Iain Dale has taken exception to yesterday’s blog, and he is perfectly entitled to do so; however, as I said to Iain this morning, he can’t really think Catherine Tate is in the same ball park as Ricky Gervais, can he?

I know I sounded mean, but, I think we have to shore up the parameters of what makes a decent society; and although I am about to have my head blown off on Iain's site, on this occasion I pick up the baton.

Some of you may remember my Tosca and Digger blog from a while ago. Tosca died yesterday aged only 4. He was the kind of Jack Russell that would jump on your lap and then look at you with eyes that said “I didn’t hurt you there did I? A sad day.

(Tosca has the lighter face on the picture).

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