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Posted Tuesday, 11 December 2007 at 16:46

I never reveal what happens in the Members’ Tea Room, it’s a self imposed rule, however, it’s one I am going to break today.

Minding my own business, I was helping myself to a bowl of haddock soup, when the Minister for Employment and Welfare Reform, Caroline Flint MP descended upon me.

“Well”, she squealed, in the ‘hand on hip just look at how important I am’ way she has, “are you going to apologise, well, are you?” The squeal became a bark.

“Apologise” said I, genuinely non-plussed, “what for?”

“You were wrong weren’t you, you reported me to the Standards Commissioner and you were wrong, so go on apologise – are you going to apologise?”
I was even more non-plussed, nay, gob smacked, that a Minister who had just walked out of a Committee should behave in such a way.

Her fishwife behaviour was very undignified. She displayed in 10 seconds how un-worthy she was of a Minister’s position; but more than that, she epitomised the very fact that this government hate to be challenged in any way whatsoever…

Rapid descent in the polls is obviously making them very jittery indeed.

I should thank her, she has given me yet another opportunity to blog to my 50,000 per week unique readers, about how 12 female Labour MPs took funding, and agreed to support a certain position, which compromises their neutrality in the voting lobby - and the Standards Commissioner dismissed the case.

Maybe one of the others can have a go at me tomorrow, and I can write about it again!

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