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Posted Tuesday, 27 November 2007 at 11:33

David Cameron MP

The dreams and plans of politicians are nothing without business.

That was almost the opening line in a speech David Cameron has just delivered to the CBI.

Those opening words provide huge insight into how a future Conservative government would look and feel to the business community.

He said that the yardstick by which a British business would be able to measure a Conservative government would be this.

Is it easier to employ people?

Is it easier to grow?

And is it easier to meet regulations?

David's speech sparkled. When you compare it to the type of guttural long speeches we have become used to from Gordon Brown, the delivery was in a different league and it all made such good simple to understand sense.

Anyone listening to that speech would have been able to understand exactly what David was proposing to do and how it would work, you didn’t need an MBA to follow.

He spoke about going back to the beginning; how we have to get it right in right in schools in order for the country to have the skills and expertise it needs.

Millions upon millions of pounds have been poured into education, and yet still too many children come out of our schools unable to read and write properly.

A simple test at age six, can a child read, if so great, if not, a concerted effort to understand why not.

He spoke about a complete overhaul of our transport network, with more reliance on high speed trains and road tolls.

An overhaul of the tax system, looking at ways we can reduce the burden of taxation for small businesses, which was increased during the last budget. We have the highest tax burden in this country in peace time history.

But more importantly, he highlighted the fundamental problem which afflicts the country.

Government is too big.

David said that there comes a point when government becomes so big, it moves into arrogance and then complacency and then becomes indifferent to the law as to how its own Departments operate; business has to comply with all regulations, but government Department's begin not to.

Arrogance and complacency take over and governments begin to behave in ways which become unacceptable to the electorate.

Take the MOD. It spent £2.3 BILLION relocating to new offices, whilst the troops in Iraq were risking their lives in inadequate kit.

David made a very clear promise to the business audience.

He will make it possible - meaning he will create the environment within which business can grow unhindered and de regulated - for businesses to grow faster than the government and that way he will then be able to reduce the costs he imposes upon business.

Small government – big people. Magic!

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