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Posh Nosh Part 2....
Posted Friday, 16 November 2007 at 20:53



I sat next to Andrew Rawnsley of the Observer and The Sunday Edition.


Andrew is a man totally devoted to his wife and three daughters. When he talks about them his face lights up. He is such a lovely family man.


On the other side of Andrew sat a rather beautiful lady with rather, err, generous assets.


During the meal Andrews’s potatoes parted company with his fork and made a suicidal retreat to a darker warmer place about the body of the beautiful lady next door!!!!


Andrew looked suitably embarrassed and apologised. “Not at all” she trilled and giggled, moving her assets nearer, whilst evicting the errant potato.


 Andrew looked completely non plussed and carried on eating and talking.


Guilt obviously got the better of him and a couple of moments later he leaned over and said, “Look I really am dreadfully sorry about that”. “Oh no, don’t be, please” she purred…. as she moved even nearer. “I am waiting here in excited anticipation wondering what will land where next” she managed to say this through the hugest pouting smile.


At this point I leaned left into Andrews’s ear and whispered “now that is definitely going on my blog”. I left the table at that point, and turned back to see poor Andrew choking on a lamb chop.


Don’t worry Andrew, she was way out of your league; she’d have had you for mash!!!!


Andrew and I chatted about the future life of current affairs via the medium of TV. The following day it was announced that ITV are to axe the Sunday Edition because of falling viewing figures.


There is a reason for that.


More on Monday.

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