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Rocket Science?
Posted Wednesday, 14 November 2007 at 15:28

I am now a member of the Innovation University and Skills Select Committee.


It’s the ‘University’ bit that interests me. That’s because I never went to one.


No one from my estate did, apart from one boy who went to Cambridge – I have no idea how that happened because most of us didn’t even know what a university was!


Over lunch today I had a chat with the Shadow Minister for Universities and Skills, John Hayes MP. I felt I needed to warn him and make sure he knew what my thoughts on University education in this country were before I spoke in the committee.


I told him we needed fewer universities, not more and that half of the courses on offer should be scrapped. That universities should be centres of academic excellence. Arbitrary targets set via a process of so called educational reform of making sure over 50% of children enter university should be abolished.


I said that we should be paying our brightest students to attend university via a reinstatement of the grant system, enough money in order to eat, study and keep warm; and not charging them or putting them into a position whereby they start their working life up to their necks in debt.


 I suggested that we should expand the FE college system to offer true and proper skills based courses so that we don’t need to import Polish plumbers, but can train up our own.


I believe that half of the students at university in this country are attending inappropriate courses, and are being forced into a system of education which makes them unhappy, shatters their confidence,and belief in themselves; and that is because university life is being held up as some kind of ‘must have’ if you are a well balanced teenager.


If we were sending all these kids to a place of comfort and prestige things might be slightly better. The room in my daughter’s hall of residence was smaller that a prison cell, with the décor of a prison cell, only difference was a prisoner would not have put up with the cockroaches.


Government targets are making our kids miserable.


My evidence for this? Walk around any halls of residence at the moment and spot the unhappy students, the ones who don’t have the social skills needed to function on a campus of 10,000+. Speak to the student welfare officer and ask how many students are on anti-depressants, look at the drop out rate by the end of the first year.


It’s not rocket science is it?


Now that’s one course you can’t study at many universities. In order to accommodate the golf course management courses many university science departments have closed.


On an entirely different subject ­- beware of the iphone. If it were the other woman it would have long hair, and if you have long nails you can’t use them.

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