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No Tiananmen in Bedfordshire Today
Posted Saturday, 3 November 2007 at 13:27

OK, by way of an explanation for what is on the local BBC news - I have NOT called for students to start a revolution!


The interview was all about what if. What if you could invite four famous dead or alive people to supper, who would they be? What if you could start a revolution, what would it be?


I said that mine would be students against tuition fees. They should block up the M25, paralyse London and say no, we aren’t paying it, and stay on the M25 until the government give in.


I also think only half the students we have at universities should be there and that universities should be institutions of academia. We are short changing our teenagers who need skills based qualifications by forcing them through a wholly inappropriate system which neither meets their needs or those of the nation.


Of course, the BBBC are running this on 3counties radio news as MP calls for students to revolt!


Just in case any one is worried that the student population may heed my words, may I just say that my two students are still in bed and haven't heard them. There will be no Tiananmen  in Bedfordshire today.

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