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Revenge is a dish best served cold...
Posted Friday, 14 September 2007 at 12:11

Does anyone really think Maggie was duped into visiting 10 Downing Street?


Was the fuchsia pink dress not carefully chosen? How often have we seen the great lady wearing almost red?


At the risk of repeating myself, Gollum will roll out one sneaky trick after another leading up to the day he calls an election.


He may have invited Lady Thatcher to Downing Street, but the ability to say no was hers.


He may have made political hay being photographed with her on the steps of Downing Street but she could have declined, if she had wanted to.


Of course, the intention was to turn the New Labour big tent into a marquee, it was an act of symbolism. GB was hoping everyone would interpret his actions as those of a man who has claimed all of the wasteland between left and far right.


I would imagine that the symbolism was lost on the majority of people as the impact of seeing Lady Thatcher back at No 10, stood against the familiar backdrop where she made and celebrated so many historic moments, was in itself, so high it surpassed the subtle political message.



The footage of Mrs T walking to a black car distraught, tearful, deposed has been replaced with one which depicts a different lady – smiling looking happy and holding flowers.


An entirely new exit from No 10 following a visit where she has been given a tour, taken tea, and been hailed as a conviction politician and treated with the greatest of respect and kindness.


Most of the country saw what happened yesterday and said, isn’t that nice.

Isn’t he kind doing that, what a lovely touch to give her flowers as she leaves (did we give her flowers on the tearful day she left?)  how happy she looks.


Was the car parked in the same place?




GB gave a master class yesterday in political manipulation. If the day had not been quite so steeped in irony it may have backfired, he may have looked  duplicitous and scheming, using the great lady for his own political needs.


As it is, it was just another grandstand gesture in the few weeks left before he jumps into a car himself and heads for Buckingham Palace.

Sallie said:
Responded: Friday, 14 September 2007
Absolutley right. It would be good if it had made him look like he was exploiting her, it didn't. He and Mrs Brown looked like they were greeting their favourite aunt.
Jane said:
Responded: Friday, 14 September 2007
And I just thought Mrs. Thatcher was having a Barbara Cartland moment and romancing a piece of fiction!
Anonymous said:
Responded: Friday, 14 September 2007
Ah, but would you say that she is distancing herself from Cameron, and aligning herself with Mr Ancram ? Politics is the art of the possible. Are you saying that Cameron is in danger of picking up policies which will be impossible to sell to the electorate in the short term ?
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