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You were had lads, society, and Cruella.. again.
Posted Friday, 7 September 2007 at 14:50

I like doing Westminster Hour. You get the feeling that even though it is the BBC and even though you know it is going to be dramatically edited, you will be given a balanced airing. The same applies for The Week in Westminster.
The interview was yesterday. Today, apparently, the Labour party is so desperately lacking in talent it needs the services of our deputy treasurer who has now also moved over to become a Gollum advisor.
The interview was regarding the consensual government of all talents, which GB is attempting to portray as his new style of leadership.
Yeah, right, of course he is.
That’s why he waited until David Cameron was right in the middle of announcing new policies and initiatives to tackle social decline, to announce that two Conservative MPs were becoming his much needed special advisors.
They have, unfortunately, all been played like a well tuned fiddle, brought on board by Gollum at a time which was calculated to cause as much damage as possible to David Cameron- prior to the party conferences and as part of the well orchestrated build up to a general election being called, which if Labour were to win, will have been aided and assisted by the said Conservative MPs.
I would fight to the death to defend core Conservative principles. I almost did with grammar schools. I believe passionately in what was known as the elevation of the people, which to me, having been brought up on a council estate and having fought for an education, means enabling every single person to realise their full potential regardless of the situation into which they were born.
It means providing the wealth creators with an environment within which to encourage enterprise; and it means governments doing all that they can through the development and implementation of policy to throw down the ladder and put out a hand to help every single person climb, and, achieve social mobility.
These things will never happen under a Labour government. The gap between the rich and poor has become a chasm. ‘Uncrossable’ by most, and as a result we see society sinking ever further into despair and decline.
And three MPs, two Conservative and one Liberal Democrat, and the Conservative deputy treasurer, have decided that the government which has presided over the disintegration of the decent society we once knew, the government which fails to recognise the importance of the family, is in desperate need of their words of wisdom.

I think their actions are misguided. We are a democracy and there is no democratic mandate for remaining an MP of one party, whilst working on behalf of another.
The people of this country are entitled to a strong opposition, and, they are entitled to be given, when an election is called, an unequivocal no nonsense choice when deciding which party they want to vote for.
There are already processes within Parliament which enable strong and fierce debate, and when required, consensus.
You can read in Hansard, occasions when over and over again, in many debates when ministers will concede a point and consensus will be reached between the two parties, not two individuals, and for the better good of the nation as a whole, not the electoral chances of one party.
I have on a number of occasions met ministers at the back of the chair (Speaker’s chair in the chamber) and reached agreement on how to handle the particular problems of a constituent. I have spent a great deal of time building up a relationship of trust with some ministers in order that I can provide a better service to my constituents.
There is a huge difference in resolving the problems of a constituent, and deciding the policy of the nation.
I would never in any capacity whatsoever become an aide to this government, because the people voted Labour in, and Conservative to oppose,  that is the will of the nation and how it’s done.
You only have to look at countries that use PR to see the lack of transparency and the amount of horse trading which goes on behind the scenes. Not good.
If Gordon Brown had been serious about consensual working, he would have started with David Cameron, not with back benchers.
You were had lads.

If GB does so desperately need our talent, and can’t find it on his own benches, well that is, in itself, an admission that it’s time for the country to have a government which doesn’t need to beg and borrow from other parties but which is overflowing with decency, common sense, and knows how to put right a society which has completely broken down: a government which has invested time and effort into understanding the problems society is facing today.
You only have to read the report written by IDS, ‘Break Down Britain’ to see how far we have slipped.
My thoughts were with the mother of Rhys Jones yesterday when the majority of schools went back.
The streets on housing estates all across the country would have been full of excited year seven children with new trainers and shoes, wearing stiff shirts and new uniforms. New pencil cases and lunch boxes rattling around in largely, for now, empty oversized new school bags.
She may have watched this scene from her window. Not for her the joy and excitement of having had her son wake her up early in fear of being late for his first day. Not for her the anticipation of waiting all day nervously to find out was he ok? What were the teachers like? Did he get lost? Did he make any new friends? How much homework does he have? On which days does he have sports? Not for her the pleasure of making him his favourite tea to celebrate his first day at big school.
The parents of Rhys Jones have had their world blown apart by our broken society.
How to fix it really is the big issue. It’s society, it’s the family, stupid.
My blog has made it into two national newspapers this week.
Apparently the Sun’s whip described it as ‘rarely less than amusing’. Is that a compliment?
The Sun went on to extensively quote from my Gollum Brown blog, however, it also made an interesting observation - according to close parliamentary friends of the Sun at Westminster, it was along the lines of ‘does Nadine not know that the Shadow Cabinet refer to David Davies as Gollum?’
No they don’t. What a ridiculous thing to say. The shadow cabinet would never waste such a good nickname and call David Davis Gollum Davis when Gordon Brown, the Gordon being so easily morphed into Gollum, was sat opposite them gagging for No 10 now would they? Would they?
Yesterday the blog made the Daily Mail, being quoted in the comment section with regard to my comments about Cruella de Ville moving in with one of Cameron’s top advisors. Apparently, they have moved to the Cotswolds.
Puppies, Bambis, Bunnies and all other cute furry animals who could be transformed into an attractive coat in a flash of the vivisectionist knife can be seen stampeding as I type, down the A40 heading towards Oxford and safety. Poor things.
Apparently, Samantha Cameron has barred Cruella from the house. If I believed that I would rest my case!

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