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Burlesque striptease and Edward Heathcoat-Amory
Posted Thursday, 6 September 2007 at 13:13


 Center parcs got the go ahead today to build its newest leisure park in my constituency. A decision I welcome.


The holiday village will bring a whole range of new job opportunities to Mid Bedfordshire which will include HR professionals, accountancy, admin, secretarial, managerial, beauty therapists, hairdressers, gardeners, conservationists, the list goes on.


Many of my constituents, around 1,100 will now be able to both live and work in Bedfordshire.


The Park is supported by Friends of the Earth and although built in green belt will enhance and protect the natural flora and forna.


I would never welcome a single application to build another new home in green belt, my preference is to re-generate urban areas , but this application I welcomed from the start.




Last night’s Evening Standard carried a very interesting diary piece on Gollum Brown and commented on by Greg Hands, Conservative MP for Hammersmith & Fulham.


Gollum reckons he was popular in school from the age of 10.


I can believe that. Humble people are indeed often very popular.


My fascination with politics has always been to do with how, once developed, policy impacts upon the lives of us ordinary people. What you hear being discussed in the Black Horse is not what you will hear being discussed in the members’ tea room in the House of Commons by MPs.


I make a point of making sure I keep well grounded by keeping all my non political friends very close. It’s amazing how many MPs I meet whose entire social life revolves around politics.


Last night I visited friends in the Cotswolds and spent the night in the Kings in Bleddington.


I am one of those people who will talk to anyone, and frequently do, but last night I got more than I bargained for.


Letting myself into my friends house I ran straight into her dining room (it’s between the front door and the loo!) and came across the most beautiful elegant woman sat on one of her dining chairs. She had porcelain white skin and long black hair. Her legs were crossed in an Audrey Hepburn kind of way, hands in her lap just so, and I immediately thought I was looking at an image from a 1940s film.


Kevin and Dominic arrived, and quickly introduced her as Madeline, a friend of theirs who was up from London for the night.


There was something about Madeline.


It wasn’t just her profound almost oriental beauty, there was this calm self aware confidence she exuded which I would die for.


She made me feel fat, ugly and clumsy, but I still wanted to sit next to her, she fascinated me and I wanted to know more.


Madeline, it transpired,   helps run The Flash Monkey night club at the Café De Paris in London  and she is a Burlesque Striptease Artist, alias Bunny Warren.


I am sure you can imagine my jaw drop reaction when she told me this, however, I made a decent job of remaining cool and worldly wise.


During the evening I learnt about Madeline's life, and Burlesque. She talked, I listened, remembering every now and then to lift my lower jaw and to close my mouth


We were frequently interrupted by people in the pub coming up to our table to ask where Madeline got her dress from. It was a charity shop, yes it really was and it was stunning in a 1940s very sexy Marylin Monroe kind of way.


At the end of the evening Madeline told me she would put me on the clubs VIP list. I gracefully declined.


 I came home last night knowing a great deal more than I did before I went out. And the realisation that not all of our voters are Mr and Mrs average with 2.2 children and a Labrador, and even though they aren’t they still want tighter controls on immigration, lower taxes, decent health services and a good education for everyone else’s kids.


If you are ever strolling along the South bank on a Sunday afternoon and you come across a stunning woman dressed in 1940s clothes wearing a hat and gloves and carrying a parasol, it will probably be Madeline.





Edward Heathcoat- Amory has written an article for September Vogue. In it he says that no man on the planet has ever found a woman in Ugg boots sexy. I wear mine every day. Is this where I am going wrong?


 He also writes that he loves it when his wife, Alice Thomson columnist on the Telegraph, buys a new dress from Prada or Chloe because it means he can fall in love with her all over again. Is this man for real? He knows exactly the right thing to say – this is obviously the reason why Alice Thomson always has a smug grin on her face. I hope she knows how lucky she is!


I wonder if he has got a brother at home?


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