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Gollum Brown and Cruella De Ville
Posted Tuesday, 4 September 2007 at 13:56


It’s not just in the look. There is something very sneaky and ‘Gollumesque’ about Gordon Brown, who will now forever more, be referred to by myself as Gollum Brown.



I can imagine him twitching at the net curtains when he was in No. 11, eyes bulging and spittle dribbling, as he cast covert glances towards No. 10, rubbing  his hands together and whispering, ‘my precious’.


No wonder Cherie Blair used to fly up the steps urging the children to hurry.


Now he has his precious, and we are beginning to see the sneaky side, along with his new OCD, quoting from lists.


I refuse to believe that there is one single person out there, apart from Bercow, Mercer and Taylor, who believes that the reason he has taken them as advisers, is to assist ministers and to inform and enhance government policy.


Before I get carried away, I like John Bercow. I sat for nine hours over two days waiting to deliver my maiden speech and he sat through every one of those hours with me, encouraging helping and calming me, all the way through.


When he speaks in the House of Commons there are often noises off from other Conservative politicians who mutter, sometimes quite loudly, “that man is not a Conservative” and when I first experienced this, whilst sat on the benches with John, I was deeply embarrassed for him and shocked.


But I was new and naive.


I have never heard John Bercow deliver a bad speech. One day I sat next to him when he spoke about Darfur. He had no notes and he shook with passion and conviction. He moved me to tears and he was so good he literally took my breath away and left me, sat next to him,  thinking I will never be that good.



On the day Tony Blair made his final speech in the chamber, I walked down the steps at the finish behind John. The newly defected Quentin Davies was sat on the Labour benches. There were many noises off that day. I noticed that John stood on the steps and he nervously, rapidly glanced around him - trying to take in what everyone was saying, I instantly thought, is he wondering “is this what they will say about me when I am gone to the other side?”



I have no idea how this will play out when Parliament re-sits, or what the reaction of his own association is today, whatever, you have to hand it to Gollum Brown, he knows how to play ‘em.



Cruella De Ville has set up home with one of David Cameron’s top advisers.

Every Dalmatian in Westminster ( er, sorry, Notting Hill) must be shaking in its basket.


 Lock up your dogs.


Is it just me, or did the banner on the top of today’s Times newspaper make anyone else feel uncomfortable?
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