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Posted Friday, 22 June 2007 at 21:50

I don’t normally blog over the weekends, however, please visit this site;


There is much going on behind the scenes at the BMA in preparation for a vote on abortion next Wednesday. All is not as it seems.


Will post full details on Monday, in the meantime, please forward the above online petition to everyone on your contact list,


Many thanks,



Dave said:
Responded: Sunday, 24 June 2007
I don't normally switch on the TV any morning but I did today and saw you. You don't need 5 inch heels to make you stand tall.While I'm writing, I'll make this point. I think Mike H is way off the mark about self-doubt,it is more likely about the way you are treated by some of the 'political' males in your world ( and we bloggers perhaps?)and you are, quite rightly, unhappy about it. So with regard to your peers,the shameful way in which they treat you is simply because they see you as a threat. A bright, intelligent, bubbly, successful female has to be ridiculed to bring her down.The 'tour guide' bloke, Brakes, he's taking you for granted.Give him a slap!Unfortunately, the male of the species is just plain thoughtless when it comes to how to treat the ladies but you will rise above all this (and not in those shoes, get some trainers)and discover those who will respect you. Never feel unappreciated Nadine, I know a lot of constituents who are very grateful for the way you have helped them.
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