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Lads' Night Out
Posted Thursday, 21 June 2007 at 11:04

The male contingency of the 2005 parliamentary intake invited me out for a drink. Thanks to my general disposition, the city of my birth and my accent, I became the butt of all the jokes - all evening. They are merciless and relentless. The worst thing is, I laugh myself. If I begin to pout, even for a second, I get thumped on the back as they all proclaim “You don’t mind, you’re one of the lads”. That’s nice then, I think?

Being one of the lads means that occassionaly I do feel the need to make a statement with regard to my feminimity; such an opportunity arose yesterday.

Sat around a table - with the rest of the lads - we started to talk about films.

"I can recommend a good one" said one of my peers – The Girl In The Room. It’s all about Gordon Brown going to a G8 summit, full of politics, really good. "I think Crush is definitely one to be recommended" said another, "lots of violence." Another recommended a war film - yawn. We all leaned into the table and picked up our mugs of tea at the same time – "I know a good one" said I as everyone sipped their tea – six pairs of male eyes looked at me expectantly – "The Devil Wears Prada." The tea sprayed all over the table.

Oh well, something else for them to laugh at next time it’s a lads' night out!

Observer said:
Responded: Thursday, 21 June 2007
Interesting Michael Howard interview in the Standard: “After Dr Kelly committed suicide in July 2003, Campbell resigned, though he maintained the timing was not related to the death. For Howard, this presented a perfect opportunity to put Blair and Campbell on political trial. He says he'd had serious misgivings about Blair's handling of the Iraq war from the outset, and was ready to go for the jugular on the back of the publication of the Hutton report in January 2004, which investigated the events surrounding Dr Kelly's suicide. Howard's brief had been prepared by David Cameron, then acting as his head of policy. But when the Hutton report cleared the Government of wrongdoing, the Tories were stunned into silence. Rather than pressing ahead with the planned attack on the Labour hierarchy, Howard was advised by Cameron and his team to avoid the whole subject of Iraq. Only now does Howard admit this decision may have been the wrong one. When I ask him why he didn't challenge the conclusions of the Hutton report, he looks deeply troubled. 'I certainly think the Hutton report was a whitewash.' So why didn't he say so at the time? 'I didn't feel that I could. Perhaps I was wrong. We had supported the setting up of the report . . .'
Stuart Fairney said:
Responded: Thursday, 21 June 2007
Make 'em watch "Little Miss sunshine" for a really interesting Litmus Test
John said:
Responded: Friday, 22 June 2007
I wonder why such a bright gifted lady as yourself, allows these guys to bully her? If you were black or Muslim would you still laugh at personal insults about yourself? I think not! Prescott is the butt of all jokes because he acts the clown, thinking with his fists, not his brain.You can't change your background but you CAN change your friends.You are worthy of far more respect than they obviously give.Unless of course you are prepared to forsake it to be 'one of the lads',in which case you loose my respect for you.
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