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Posted Saturday, 5 May 2007 at 03:07

I know it's 3.06, and not having slept for much of the last 36 hrs, you would think I would be out like a light, however, the buzz and excitement of yesterday has yet to subside and sleep is proving elusive!

During the BBC interviews, even I was amazed that our national election machine was working so well, we were half an hour ahead of the BBC - the reporter was asking me for the updates!

The worst thing he could throw at me was that Labour had no losses in Stevenage. I doubt  Gordon Brown will take much comfort from that when he has just lost, as reported by ITV, middle England. Gordon Brown, where is he by the way? Anyone seen him?


More later.....






John said:
Responded: Saturday, 5 May 2007
Hey Nadine, two years an MP today.Gordy was filmed playing with some children yesterday (when isn't he! sorry kids)didn't say a thing,obviously leaving all the flack to cronie Tony.Still he'll be off leching (as in lech not lecture) around Bush and the USA soon.Anyway, you're living proof that hard work really pays off in the end.
BaldockBaldrick said:
Responded: Saturday, 5 May 2007
Nadine, I saw the performance on the BBC and have got say you handle it pretty darn well. I know it wasn't that taxing, but it worked out ok. You mention your election machine was working well - were they only telling you the seats you were winning? As for Mr Brown, he's not only lost middle England, he's also lost Scotland and most of the population. I think his party has also lost him. Have you seen him lately? I don't think anyone has. It's amazing that he wants to be the next leader but doesn't appear to want to be associated with the party. PS I've added your link to my blog, No other MPs around this part have a blog and that is something of a disappointment.
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