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Shaun Woodward and Big Yellow Buses
Posted Tuesday, 17 April 2007 at 11:29


Recently I blogged about the advantages of having a national school bus service in the way that they do in America.


Today Chris Grayling, Shadow Transport Minister, announced it was now Conservative policy!


That’s all it takes, a blog here and it’s in. Anything else you want while I’m at it?


 (I am only joking by the way. Policy has probably been in the oven for over a year!)


Last night the Tourism Minister Shaun Woodward responded to my tourism debate – he was good. I have never come across him before, but of course I knew all about him.


 Famous for defection and butlers, I wondered quite how it would go; the council house MP meets the king of St Helens and butlers. St Helens, famous for Pilkington’s glass, Clock Face pit and the YMCA. Butler, famous for canvassing for the minister during the elections.


He knew his stuff, and, in a very generous way was very complimentary about the work that I had done so far on the issue.


Tourism accounts for almost 10,000 jobs in Bedfordshire and brings in £445 million per year. The number of visitors is slightly up, but the amount of money they are spending, in comparison to the rest of the region and the rest of the country, is actually down.


Bedfordshire needs to raise its tourism game.


That includes the County and District Councils putting more money into the tourism pot. Why? This is because the net benefit to the UK from the 2012 Games is over £2 billion. Inward investment in preparation for the games will mean investment in roads and infrastructure which is something we desperately need.


 The Olympic Games are a once in a lifetime opportunity and as the minister said, those who have their act together will be the ones to benefit. Bedfordshire, given our ideal location must benefit.


Whether we like it or not, and as hard as we fight it, we will not be able to resist all the house building targets the government has set for Bedfordshire. Five thousand homes are being built in the new Wixhams village alone.


Jobs in Bedfordshire means a sustainable-community-orientated  Bedfordshire. A Bedfordshire where people can work, live and play, without having to spend half of their lives commuting.


There is also a misconception that tourism means cleaning, it doesn’t. It means HR, accounting, medical provision, childcare, managerial, marketing, PR, catering, and a whole host of other professions.


To see the opportunities the 2012 games presents, the ideal position we are in and the long term benefits such an opportunity can bring to Beds takes a big breath, but just look at the opportunities.


One of my driving beliefs is that as a country we need to get back to the position whereby neighbours care about each other. This doesn’t happen in commuter communities.


Let’s open our eyes. Let’s smell the coffee. Let’s see all the benefits of home growing our own tourism industry; of capitalising unashamedly from all we can take of the inward investment coming from the 2012 games.


Let’s put Bedfordshire on the map, a five star county.

Click here to see the debate in Hansard

Nick said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Once upon a time,everyone in Bedfordshire knew everyone else. Not the case any more. Good point but a long slog to get there.
Stuart Fairney said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
A propos nothing, in the consideration of traitors, good is not a word that obviously springs to my mind. Disloyal, self-serving, duplicitous and a good many others, unprintable on a lady’s blog, but not good. On a completely unrelated note, given Labour’s current poll ratings are at a record low, I imagine Woodward maybe about to jump ship to the liberal democrats?
Angela said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Sorry Nadine but you can't take all the credit for the school bus.I have recently achieved free school transport for nearly 100 pupils at my daughter's school near Land's End, Cornwall and pestered everyone one with any influence.With the volume of traffic on the roads today, every route has become extremely dangerous to walk or cycle for our children. I campaigned,alone,on the safety issue and the county council (despite being LibDem) were eventually persuaded.We are already seeing the benefits in terms of congestion on the school route and at the school gates. The atmosphere also gets less carbon dioxide added to it.It is a win-win situation.This small result has conservatively saved 21,000 school run trips a year.By the time Labour have finished their poncing around with a few pilot schemes the current generation of schoolchildren will be drawing their pension. Well done Conservatives for a total sensible policy which will benefit everyone.
Nigel said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Lets hope school bus policy will mean a better service. I pay £300 school bus fee per year for my daughter to attend 6th form and receive such a bad service.
John said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Yellow school buses should have been done years ago. Don't forget about Center Parcs_we need Center Parcs not 'Travellers'. One brings in tourists, the other brings in trouble. With the existing tourist attractions together with Center Parcs, the Olympics could be the icing on the cake for Bedfordshire. Talking of which won't you be needing a special one (cake) soon?
Anonymous said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Perhaps you could put the travellers in CenterParcs. They would have somewhere to go, and nobody else would have to suffer the vapid boredom of a CenterParcs holiday in the company of a thousand other Daily Mail reading plebs..
Nadine said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Stuart, I shouldn't think so! When he does defect he does it to a winning side - you would have to stretch the imagination a long way to describe the Liberal Democrats as such. Angela, I wouldn't dream of even attempting to take any credit - I was only joking!Well done you, we need more people like you. John, If you ever mention 'that cake' or make any reference to it's significance I will absolutley not post your comment. Anyway, how could I eat it with my head down a dark hole.
Nadine said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
John, I have hit the delete button and you are in oblivion. However, you have perked up my day no end!
Anonymouse said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Pray do not panic Nadine, you can use my small lamp to guide you out of your dark hole. It's rated at 1 hundred candle power. Twice as much as you need,I know.
The T's in Ampthill said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Looking at the bigger picture isn't always easy. We don't have all the facts like you do. I do agree though with neighbours who care more about each other.People don't even know each others names any more. It is very sad and I am not sure we can ever get back to that.I applaud you for trying though, and your energy, you are everywhere Miss.
John said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Worry not,Nadine, the view out here is quite stunning! Like you, it's always the truth I tell.
Dave said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Yes Nadine, whilst you are 'at it' can you sort out the Home Office, NHS,Education, Education, Education,Housing,Police, Prison Service, Ban War,ID Cards and HIP Packs and Global Warming. Then tomorrow.... tell Tony to sling his hook line and party and we may all then live happily together. there are Interested Ones, Political Ones and of course Birthday Ones....
Jane said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
That's cool, putting the debate on the end of the blog. Like it!
Ms R Brown, Flitwick said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Good to see you putting a spotlight on tourism in the county, and I hope we do get both centre parcs and nirah as they will add to our tourist numbers, lead to more jobs etc. I enjoyed reading the debate and felt the MP who responded has equal determination to help our county. I don't know why you felt it necessary to be a unpleasant about him in your posting - it seems a cheap shot! Come on Nadine, let's get rid of tribal politics on these issues where there is consensus.
Anon2 said:
Responded: Wednesday, 18 April 2007
I have always considered your blog as my Tesco for food for thought. Very successful and something to suit every taste. It is so refreshing that I am now becoming thoughtfully obese.Ocassioally you throw in the odd word or line which baffles me. Not being clever with words myself, I can use the dictionary to solve the meaning of a solitary word but not a phrase.As your constituents, we throw a lot of our misery at your door expecting you to work near miracles and instantly solve our woes.When you comment that you have your head down a dark hole, you must expect somone's going to try and figure that one out.Unfortunately that's gonna be me.Ok so your about to reach a certain age. Big Deal. Done that. Got the T Shirt.However you analyze your life upto that point, remember you have spent most of it caring and helping for your fellow human beings, and will no doubt continue to do so.You are now in a position to to immense good (or bad) for a great many people. So why the black hole? The only thing I can see missing in your life is that special person to share it with.That must feel great to get home and say " hey hun, I actually helped prevent a war today" or "my Law will actually save many babies lives" I can't imagine the great feeling that would give you. Don't ever dispare, Nadine.someone out there will provide the ladder to climb out of that black hole into the sunshine again. If on the other hand I have misread the meaning and you are intending to spend your birthday visiting somewhere underground like the Blue John Caverns..oh dear.. I've made a fool of myself ...yet again and sincere apologies. Now please delete me from your life.
Ian said:
Responded: Wednesday, 18 April 2007
Quite by chance I stumbled across your debate on Monday evening( I was actually looking for Sky Sports News ).You were very good as was the Minister- all very civilised! Can I ask 2 questions 1)Who was the the other bloke in the chamber - the one behind the Minister ? and 2)When are you on again ?
Ricky (Liverpool supporter) said:
Responded: Thursday, 19 April 2007
Not clever with words Anon2? My a*se your not!
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