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Posted Monday, 16 April 2007 at 10:57

Iain Dale of Iain Dale’s diary fame, linked to my site on the day of my last post regarding gypsies and travellers.

It was interesting to compare the comments left on Iain’s site, with regard to what I had written, to the comments left here.


A few weeks ago you may remember that I mentioned that a very senior Labour MP had warned me to “be careful” because Labour HQ were monitoring Conservative MP's blog sites. It appears the blogs infuriate the Labour party because they have no control whatsoever over what is written or who reads it.


They piled in on Iain after he provided the link to my site. At one point Iain commented back with a “Blimey the thought police are out today”.


More like wound up saboteurs I would say, trying to defend the newly implemented Labour government policy to force councils to provide new sites for travellers.


The difference between my blog and Iain’s, in addition of course to the fact that Iain’s is superb, is that sometimes Iain leaves his comment moderator off. I have mine on always, and I or someone else will read every comment before it is posted. Therefore, they can sneakily dive in on Iain's site and ambush him. I would love to know the comments that Iain had to delete!


I have an adjournment debate at the end of business today, with regard to tourism in Bedfordshire, and I have been put onto a delegated committee at four pm. So there goes the time I was going to use to rehearse my speech.

I also have to have some new photographs taken. My long blonde hair is now short and darkish.


Something which always makes me laugh is how many MPs, of all partys, especially the boys, use photographs that were obviously taken years ago – when they still had hair! Not I, where’s the flash!

Nick said:
Responded: Monday, 16 April 2007
Short and dark? You are having a laugh aren't you? Please say this is not true?
Dave said:
Responded: Monday, 16 April 2007
I did tell you were a Goddess, Nadine, and on Ian's blog this seems to confirm at least your name is derived from one.
Paul Evans said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Of course Nadine, it is just possible that some civillised people find the clumsily expressed and half-witted bigotry you peddled in that piece quite distasteful, and felt the need to comment. Just a thought.
Peter Flint said:
Responded: Tuesday, 17 April 2007
What is the point of allowing comments if you are quite open about the fact that each comment will be vetted and uncomplimentary comments removed? Is this not 'thought policing'/spin in its own right?
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