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Special Blog Announcement!
Posted Wednesday, 4 April 2007 at 11:36

During the Easter break Nadine will be taking a well earned rest and will not be blogging - even if she sends any entries to me, I will refuse to post them!! 

For those who still need their daily fix, why not visit Conservative Home instead. 

Happy Easter!


Researcher To Nadine Dorries MP

Anonymouse said:
Responded: Wednesday, 4 April 2007
Sack him Nadine, he doesn't realise how refreshing 5 daily minutes of your thoughts are to us. He is very fortunate as he works with you.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 5 April 2007
Nadine, you cannot be serious. What about us? My Google alert will be redundant for days!
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 5 April 2007
You rest, We will still be here when you come back, waiting for you.
Responded: Thursday, 5 April 2007
Deserted in our hour of need, and they reckon a week in politics is a long time for you lot?
Big Sister said:
Responded: Thursday, 5 April 2007
DAY 3 It's day 3 in a ND Blogless Big Sister House. Managed an hour sleep through the night but woke up with a double whammy nightmare. Was this the way it would be when Nadine is in high office after the next election? blogless for ever? then perhaps we should all vote, dare I say it, Labour to prevent this happening. Would that be too selfish? NO NO NO This is the second time a 'man' has told Nadine to keep her mouth shut.What is the world coming to?
Anonymous said:
Responded: Friday, 6 April 2007
Peter, you are not a very nice person, bring her back now, I demand it> or at least tell us when you will be allowing her to blog again.
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