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Posted Wednesday, 28 February 2007 at 17:38

The hardest thing I have had to do today is fill out an eleven page form for my BT broadband. This is a joke. I am tearing my hair out. I have no mobile signal at my new home and I have missed two national interviews as a result of being out of contact. Apologies to Vanessa Feltz on Radio 5 live yesterday!


BT have just told me it will now take a further ten days to have the line and broadband put in – I just don’t believe this!!!!!


We are debating the Offender Management Bill today. Tony Blair is right on with this one.  The probation service needs to be opened up with greater input from the voluntary and private sector, if not least because it doesn’t work as it is and it absolutley should do!


How it works is like this: Tony has an idea – the idea is drafted into a Bill which, as with the Education and Inspections Bill, doesn’t quite deliver what he wants it to. This is how the Labour party have dealt with a Prime Minister they believe to be a closet Tory.


Even if we agree with the principle, how are we going to vote for a Bill which doesn’t deliver what its supposed to?


So tonight, the Labour rebels will vote against the Bill because they want the probation service to remain a closed shop and in the control of unions. I have no idea which way we are going to vote – do we vote aye because we agree with the principle or no because the Bill, in the form it takes, doesn’t deliver?


A conundrum, which I am quite sure a friendly nudge on the elbow will help me resolve in a minute when the division bell goes!

Anonymous said:
Responded: Wednesday, 28 February 2007
Vote for your principle,s, and don't come across as "Opportunist’s" then and only then will the Conservatives become a real force in politics again, you should be miles ahead in the polls, instead of the 3 or 4 points you are now. ps Your blog is by far the best of all the mp's I have read
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