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Posted Tuesday, 27 February 2007 at 10:01

I usually attend Business Questions on a Thursday - as I have said on this blog before, I like Jack Straw, I think he is a decent man – and I almost always manage to get a question in.

Last Thursday Jack Straw, leader of the House of Commons, one of Blair’s closest aides mentioned during his weekly account in the House of Commons that I was not in my usual place, and then quoted, at length, from my blog.

Excuse me, but shouldn’t he be doing more important things than reading my blog? Like running the country or something!
Needless to say, my whip was mad!! Alas, I have no idea what it is like to be in the whips good books, so long has it been! 

I joined a group of ten women Conservative candidates for dinner last night - a fun evening. Our new lot are very intelligent, fiesty, principled and gorgeous.

I had to do to do the usual move a few places inbetween courses thing. The last time I did that was at a party fundraiser, just before David became leader. I was sat on a table with ten businessmen. On my last musical chairs shift, as I sat down, the man I sat next to introduced himself by saying "so Nadine, tell me, what do you prefer, sex or politics" I replied -"sex of course, but unlike you, I prefer it with somone else".

Philip said:
Responded: Tuesday, 27 February 2007
Ouch ! Bring it on, tiger ! Although it may be a little unfair if he had said also said religion, as he may have been asking what topic of conversation you preferred ! An ace story...
Ellee said:
Responded: Tuesday, 27 February 2007
Nadine, Poor you meeting so many jerks, all in the course of duty. Pity you don't name these crass guys.
Nadine said:
Responded: Tuesday, 27 February 2007
Ellee, Are you the Ellee who was at my selection meeting and count doing the photographs?
Anonymous said:
Responded: Tuesday, 27 February 2007
Re para.4 One more and you can make a calendar
Nadine said:
Responded: Tuesday, 27 February 2007
Ellee, Re naming people - I would love to - but my lawyers wouldn't!
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