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Amelia and Adam Boulton - again!
Posted Saturday, 24 February 2007 at 08:44

Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderfull, isn't she precious, less than one minute old

The words of Stevie Wonder, but the thoughts of Amelia's parents I am sure the minute that beautiful little girl who was born at twenty two weeks gestation arrived four months ago. I take my Bill to remove the upper limit for abortion down from 24 weeks to 20 back to the chamber on the 23rd of March. If for one moment I needed an extra push or a little encouragement to help me along the way - it came - and it was called Amelia.

I can't believe what god has done, through us he's given life to one, but isn't she lovely - made from love.

On a completley different note, I am reviewing the papers on the Adam Boulton show on Sunday. I have never done that before, I hope he knows what he's doing! I am only his number nine in terms of his most  fanciable MPs - maybe the other eight were busy!!





Steven Bainbridge said:
Responded: Saturday, 24 February 2007
Good luck with your bill on lowering the abortion limit. I do agree that it needs to be reduced. However, as I have written on my blog ( I think that it is dangerous to use this little baby as an excuse. The birth of this little girl may be nothing more than a miracle, and to presume that all would survive is dangerous. We also do not know whether she will have any problems later in life, with her organs etc. But good luck with your bill! I look forward to hearing the results. Steven Bainbridge A View from the Right
Arthurian Legend said:
Responded: Sunday, 25 February 2007
I also agree with your proposed bill, Nadine. You are to be congratulated for the stand that you are taking on this controversial but extremely important issue. Arthurian Legend
Philip said:
Responded: Monday, 26 February 2007
I am a fully paid up Guardianista, but I did disagree with the line they appeared to be taking on this. By asking for a debate on their 'talkboards' they appeared to be judging the mother who had told a white lie about the baby's age. Even though telling the truth would have led to the plug being pulled on this baby's chance at life ! Steven Bainbridge is right when he talks about this girl's prognosis, and it is difficult when such babies might suffer brain damage. But this girl has shown that she's a fighter and should have been given the chance - the fact that she has already been allowed to go home from the hospital is very encouraging.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Monday, 26 February 2007
Gosh ! I had forgotten about that 'top ten'.. As a bloke I have to stick up for him and say there was probably a good reason he didn't put you higher than No.9 - maybe he was worried that Anji would have been poised with a frying pan if he had pushed you above some of the blokes...
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