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Posted Thursday, 22 February 2007 at 10:18

Every now and then I get a text message from one of my girls which will say 'don't go to work today mum' it will be followed by, 'because I had a strange dream' or 'I have a funny feeling' or something along those lines. My girls are convinced that the Palace of Westminster is the most dangerous place in the world to work and that it must be the number one target on any terrorist's hit list. I always text back OK I won't, but of course I do. Because the PM was making his troops withdrawal statement, yesterday was one of those days.

An ex army officer MP and I were walking through the members lobby discussing the likelyhood of a 9.11 style attack. He reckons that there are scrambler aircraft ready to intercept any hijacked aitcraft which would try to hit the Palace and that 9.11 would never happen again. All we really have to worry about are bombs, chemicals, and anthrax he said. That made me feel a whole lot better! I won't pass that onto the girls. It did make me think though - I'm just an ordinary footsoldier MP. What kind of text messages do Tony and Cherie get from their children.? If my children occasionally worry about my safety, where on the scale of 'giving your parents longevity a second thought' do the Blair children sit? Whatever text messages the PM does get from his children he doesn't have the luxury of my 'ok I won't'.

As I drove out of the Palace last night two unmarked police cars drove in with blue lights flashing under the radiator grill. They were probably escorting some dignitary or other - for the first time since I have been here, the sight of police cars hurtling through the gates sent a shiver down my spine.

Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 22 February 2007
You make a fair point, Nadine, but to be honest you are more likely to be hit be a speeding cyclist as you look at said 'police car'. And even then you are likely to survive. But if 'bird flu' happens...
John said:
Responded: Thursday, 22 February 2007
After todays announcement regarding Harry, all bombs, missiles and bullets will be firmly targeted at a royal footsoldier in Iraq.
John said:
Responded: Thursday, 22 February 2007
If the Home Office is in charge of security I too would be worried.... very worried
judge for yourself said:
Responded: Thursday, 22 February 2007
"I won't pass that onto the girls." I'm afraid that is probably a little naive. Given your description of two intelligent and inquistive young ladies they are highly likely to read your blog!
Nadine said:
Responded: Thursday, 22 February 2007
Actually, do you know what? My girls never ever read my blog - there is nothing in the world they are less interested in, than what their mother opines!
Fanny Herring said:
Responded: Sunday, 25 February 2007
Hmm, I think I would invest some time in allaying the girl's anxieties. A careful look at the odds seems indicated. The chance of harm coming to you is much less than those for their friends' parents who are in the police force, for instance. It sounds like time to discuss how the media work, with exceptional events attracting all the attention but being very rare. Point out that even the worst are normally very survivable -- most people on the recent crashed train, on the Tavistock Square bus, in the Pentagon on 7/11 etc etc were not badly hurt. Make sure they know that even if they hear Parliament has been attacked, the chances are that you will be just fine. Make a joke that you know a good place to hide, so they should not worry. Also, though not a fan of too much psychological probing, I would just check if this is their way of expressing deeper worries about Mummy being away so much, or whatever. Not that I would change what you do (explaining again why it matters so much may be worthwhile) but talking things through can help them organise their thinking.
Nadine said:
Responded: Monday, 26 February 2007
Think I may have just been given some expert advice! Many thanks
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