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Posted Tuesday, 13 February 2007 at 08:28

At 4am this morning my mobile phone woke me up.


The system works like this; you leave a comment during the day, my staff checks it’s ok and then accept. After office hours it comes through to my mobile. I can’t switch my mobile off when I go to bed because I am a mother of teenagers. Now I need two mobiles, one I can switch off, one I can’t. So Graham, just because you couldn’t sleep and thought leaving a comment on my blog at 4am was a good idea - guess what – it wasn’t! I really did press the delete button by accident though, so if you want to re-send today, be my guest!



Having taken forever to go back to sleep I am woken at 7.30am with a text message from Stewart Jackson, the very enthusiastic, and hard working, MP for Peterborough. Stewart, who was doing an interview with Radio Cambs about the new swimming pool in Peterborough, felt like a ‘work’ chat, at 7.36! Stewart, just because you have a baby and are used to being in fourth gear at 7.30am, sleep or not, doesn’t mean everyone else is!


For those who have asked where I stand on Edward Leigh’s comments, detailed on I don’t. Edward is as entitled to his opinion as everyone else. Edward may be the Chairman of Cornerstone; he is also the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. His comments are no more attributable to one as to the other. Edwards’s comments belong to Edward, nobody else.


For the record, I am four square behind David Cameron, not least because of the reasons I laid out in the ‘Last Chance Saloon’ blog. He is absolutely the right person to lead us to an election victory and I will do everything that I can to help him get there. I view being a member of Cornerstone as part of that effort. We all do, I believe Edward does also, which is why I am slightly surprised at the recording of the comments.


I am throwing my life into a skip. It is so cathartic. I actually can’t be bothered to move most of the stuff I have accumulated over my life or divide it between two houses, so I am going to chuck it.


 I went to bed last night and the skip was full. I woke up this morning and it was empty, how did that happen? The green skip fairies came in the night and recycled my life!


ASBOs in Bedfordshire last year, 7. Beds has one of the highest youth on youth crime rates in the country. So why only 7 ASBOs?  Could it be because youth on youth crime is not recorded as a statistic, therefore there are no targets to be met?

PH said:
Responded: Tuesday, 13 February 2007
Hmm.. can you explain the difference between Edward Leigh and Ed Garnier - aren't they both on the PAC ? Which is the 'attack dog' who strikes fear into overspending and incompetent depts.?
goldenarm said:
Responded: Tuesday, 13 February 2007
Have you seen this coverage of your termination of pregnancy bill? They seems to be expecting an answer. It's at
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