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Posted Wednesday, 8 November 2006 at 13:04

I am not quite sure how Private eye gets away with printing such awful rubbish! Maybe people realise that it’s all tosh which is why their readership is so low.

I understand from an esteemed journalist, when they are sued they don’t pay up. I reckon they print nonsense in the hope that they will be sued to give them the publicity they need to keep up their readership. If they didn’t print such rubbish and weren’t sued where would they be?

What Private Eye don’t realise is that in Bedfordshire we have a pernicious, cruel, up to the wire, rotweiller of a Sunday Newspaper called the Bedfordshire on Sunday who, in a way because of its fericiousness, ensures that I never slip below my own level of probity.

The BoS demonstrated just what they can do to an MP who falls short of acceptable standards – I don’t ever want to be there.

The Mayor of Bedford needs to realise that you don’t have friends in politics. Not a week goes by without my office receiving a telephone call informing us of some comment or other he has made. He really does need to be very careful!

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