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Posted Friday, 10 November 2006 at 13:21

George Bush has asked does anyone have any ideas? Strange that the leader of the greatest nation in the world should make such a statement, also very honest. However, here's one from me George!

How about the seed being planted in the mind of the Iraqi government that Iraq may not be governable because it is not a country as such, but merely an amalgam of various ethnic groupings brought together for the convenience of the British and French mandates following the collapse of Ottoman control in 1918.

Following on from this, how about an Iraqi government sponsored debate and then election on an Iraqi proposal to disseminate power to local autonomous regions based on the Sunni, Shia and Kurdish groupings, leading to full independence and national status at a later date once all the institutions of nationhood had been put in place.

It is without doubt, in my opinion that this is going to happen in any event. It is the inevitable consequence of invasion. This way we will achieve the end game with a minimum of bloodshed and come out of this debacle of mismanagement with some sort of credibility.

Four years ago I attended a drinks party and I put this theory to one of the senior members of the shadow cabinet. He told me, in a way which really put my back up, that it was far too simple an idea.

It will happen. If peace really is desirable, it is the only way it will ever be achieved in Iraq as we know it today.

So nervous about doing the reading for Radio 4 remembrance service on Sunday morning. Its one thing fluffing your lines in front of a congregation, quite another when there are millions listening. Dreamt last night that my mobile phone went off in the middle of the poem! Oh no…Please let Sunday lunchtime come quickly……!

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