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Meeting With Health Secretary
Posted Thursday, 30 November 2006 at 10:10

I forgot to mention yesterday - we walked into Patricia Hewitt's office before she had arrived. The office isn’t huge, a desk, a few chairs a coffee table and a sofa. On the sofa was a pillow and a Marks and Spencers duvet, all made up as a bed looking as though someone had just got up. The PPS quickly lifted it and shoved it down the side of the sofa.

Now I could be really disingenuous and accuse the Secretary of State of sleeping on the job, but I wont.  As she came into the room she brought a packet of sandwiches which she tried to eat as she talked, without success.

I think the truth of the matter is that she has got her priorities wrong. If you have such a responsible job you need to be able to sleep properly in order to make well thought out clear decisions, and you need a proper diet to remain healthy. She obviously isn't doing any of these things which is all rather ironic given her job title.

I found out last night that in November I had 41,628 hits to my website! This is amazing as in May it was 532. Over 2000 were from the States and six from Australia, hello auntie Norma and uncle Dave, it must be you! I miss you!x

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