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Posted Monday, 8 January 2007 at 17:35

Ruth Kelly has every right to send her child to whichever school she believes will provide an appropriate education commensurate with her child’s needs.


However, Ruth Kelly was the architect of the ideologically driven programme of inclusion which has closed down vast numbers of special schools and denied a whole generation of children an education which would meet and address their special needs.


Unfortunately, not everyone can afford £15,000 per year from taxed income to solve the problem a failing state system presents them with.


27% of Autistic children are expelled from school every day. Teachers receive one hour special needs training throughout their training. A million children are failing in state schools every year and special schools which have the expertise and can prove that they work via tremendous results, are being closed down weekly.


Ruth Kelly, unfortunately, after all she has said in the House of Commons to support the programme of inclusion, is a hypocrite.

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