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Posted Sunday, 21 January 2007 at 17:26


We have been ‘doorstepped’ today by the Daily Mail.


We spent Sunday in our house in the Cotswolds. The girls had already left to watch a local football match. They’re all female my girls!


 When the doorbell went I thought that one of them had bottled out due to the weather, but no, it’s was a very polite young reporter who had drawn the short straw and been sent to spend a cold day hanging around until she had got something, anything, to give the Daily Mail on my divorce.


I am glad the girls weren’t here. When they got home I told them how fortuitous it had been that they were out. They were fine, except for the youngest, who was upset, really upset. The thought of a national newspaper sending people to stand outside her house freaked her out. The thought that the Mail are in control of private information and may dictate what she tells her friends made her really angry. They spoilt her day, and if they print anything tomorrow, the rest of her week.


The Daily Mail, the family newspaper?

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