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Posted Wednesday, 24 January 2007 at 11:13

Every now and then, someone will deliver a speech which has me on the edge of my bench. Jeremy Hunt MP did it yesterday. He spoke about the life chances for disabled children. He spoke with passion and knowledge and he electrified the chamber. When he had finished I wanted to clap and cheer. The Hansard link is here. If you read this I guarantee that the next time an opportunity comes your way to help a disabled person, you will jump at it.

Visit Link To Hansard Here

There is something wrong with the Liberal Democrat MPs. I don’t know what it is, but they are really miserable. Those who smile aren’t and those who are miserable are worse than usual.


The Liberal Democrats aren’t ordinarily a friendly bunch.


Although Conservative and Labour MPs are sworn enemies, we do respect, by and large, each others ideological position, and there is much laughter and banter between the two camps.


Not so with the Lib Dems. They don’t talk to anyone but tend to hover and snuffle around the peripheries of conversations in the style of Gollum hoping to pick up precious bits of information to use against selected Conservative or Labour candidates. Maybe it’s the siege mentality of the minority.


When walking to work this morning a Grenadier guard walked past me. He must have been at least six feet tall and his big black bear skin hat took him up to about eight.


As he strode past me with his long grey coat swishing behind I wanted to run up to him and plunge my fingers into his black fur hat and say “do you know I signed an EDM to stop black Canadian bears being killed for their skins to make that hat – why don’t you fake it?”


He turned right down the Mall and I crossed the road and through the gates of St James. Mad thought for the day over.

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