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Posted Friday, 26 January 2007 at 12:05


An 'off the record' occurrence took place in Parliament yesterday, with regard to my position on abortion, and I can’t say what it was.


I can say this though.


It’s no secret what my aims and objectives are with regard to abortion.


I want to see the upper limit for abortion to take place to be reduced from 24 weeks to 20.


I want to see a period of informed consent introduced.


I want to see the morning after pill available free over the counter at chemists, in the way it is at a GP's surgery.


I want to see the number of abortions which take place at any date reduced by half.


I am a pragmatist. I accept that there are women who will always want an abortion. My concerns are equally as much for the foetus as the mother.


Therefore, if a woman has decided that an abortion is her final choice and her decision is irrevocable, for her own sake, and that of the foetus, it should be carried out within an expedient time frame.


Many women in the UK, due to NHS deficits, are being made to wait an unacceptable amount of time once they have made the decision to abort. I have been told by someone within one PCT that from next month onwards they will be ‘traffic jamming’ abortions to tip into the next financial year.


One woman contacted me and said that she had been told she would have to wait seven weeks for an NHS abortion. She borrowed the money and paid privately. She is on benefits.


Abortion is becoming an industry within which people have vested interests.


If you know someone who has made the absolute decision to abort, and has been given what you believe to be an inhumane amount of time to wait before that abortion takes place, then please contact me. In complete confidence, I may be able to help.


It fills me with horror to think that women at ten weeks gestation may be given a six week wait.


Of course, the result of my practical position, as always, is that I will now be bombarded with a few more sack loads of hate mail from both those on the pro life side of the argument and those on the pro abortion side.


I just wish those on the pro life side would think a little more about the woman, and those on the pro abortion side a little more about the foetus, that way, we may make a little progress.

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