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The Sunday Blogging Hours Law
Posted Monday, 29 January 2007 at 10:23

There should be a law against blogging on a Sunday. The Sunday blogging hour’s law. I am seriously worried for the future outcomes of some of the people I have come into contact with since I started this blogging stuff.


 Especially those who email me on a lovely Sunday afternoon.


I received a number of emails yesterday giving me advice as to what I should now do with my web site to bring it up to professional blogging standards.


Advice on how to make my blogs shorter, longer, wittier, more serious. Words such as RSS feed, side bars and such are quoted at me in a way which assumes I know what they are talking about. All from very young men - I have cheese in my fridge older than some of these boys.


Chaps, shut down your computers, put on your coats, go outside the door and say “hello world”. This compulsive addiction to a machine is unhealthy. The only productive thing you are doing whilst staring at that screen is growing facial hair.


Sometimes, late at night, I look back at what I blogged earlier that day and think flip, I could have written that so much better. But the fact is I am lucky to get five minutes to sit down and type it at all!.


 I do thank you for taking the time to email me and for trying to help, it is much appreciated. However, please let me return the compliment by also giving you some advice – go paddle in the sea, take someone’s dog for a walk, eat a whole tub of  Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough Ice cream, watch Liverpool live at Anfield, anything – but just…. Move….  Away….  from the screen!


Actually guys, I really am very, very grateful that you have taken the time to make the suggestions – they are above me and going right over my head, I have forwarded them onto Richard who is on to it!

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