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Posted Wednesday, 31 January 2007 at 10:32

3pm.     Peter, my researcher,  has just given me over three hundred letters to sign. He is walking around the office saying " has anyone seen my big bar of Galaxy"?  He's making me a cup of tea to ease the letter signing.


It will help the chocolate go down too!! 


I bobbed up and down and tried to catch the speaker’s eye to be called, but no luck today. Speaker Martin is usually very generous to me and I have no complaints, however, I really wanted to be called today.

My question was;


I am entirely happy and comfortable with gay adoption.


This government has been in power for ten years. Christianity has been here for over two thousand years and will remain with us long after the prime Minister and his government have gone.


Why is it that a Prime Minister of ten years standing cannot defend the position of the Catholic Church? Is it because he has lost his authority, or has he lost his faith?


My daughter has sent me a text message saying “really liked the interview you did on the internet”. She was talking about last night’s interview on 18 Doughty Street with Iain Dale. This text is unusual. My daughter hates everything I do on TV. She finds watching me a squirm inducing experience, and worse than her own discomfort, you never know, one of her friends may see it. How embarrassing would that be?


I have to say, I enjoyed the interview but haven’t yet seen it myself. It was relaxed and informal, and the interviewer Iain Dale is a very easy person to talk to, which is a dangerous ability in someone who interviews politicians!

View The Interview Here

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