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Posted Saturday, 3 February 2007 at 20:44



This is the first chance I have had to blog since Thursday.


Friday was a typical constituency day with busy surgeries. I have reached the point now where nothing my constituents say to me anymore shocks or surprises me. So badly does the state and the machinery of government treat the people it is supposed to serve.


I always finish a Friday emotionally drained.


When I was a nurse I often had to deal with recently bereaved relatives. I never thought that as an MP I would have to call upon the skills that I may or may not possess, to deal with people who are very upset. All it takes is one word of kindness for someone who has been bullied by the state to breakdown.


I always finish a Friday angry.


I am not an overly political person, which may sound a strange thing for an MP to say. I don’t possess this fierce loathing that some politicians appear to have for the other ideological viewpoint. But on a Friday I do. The sooner this government which has ruined the lives of so many goes the better. I feel protective towards my constituents, they come to me as a last resort, and by the time they get to me they are desperate. My surgeries are packed – which has to be an indication of how bad things are given that I am an MP responsible for a white middle class constituency.


I finished this Friday sat next to Roger Helmer MEP.


Roger came to my association’s political supper and entertained us all with stories of life within Brussels and his view with regard to our position within Europe. He’s right; we are in way too deep.



I always finish a Friday wiped out…… but I love it!



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