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What a porker.
Posted Monday, 5 February 2007 at 09:29

I finally saw my interview with Iain Dale last night.

View The Interview Here

What a porker! TV really does put on twelve pounds. Those thighs! They looked the width of an average cruise liner – stockings, fashioned by Cammell Laird!!


And that was just Iain Dale……….


My Labrador Millie sleeps in luxury, on a two seater designer sofa, on the half landing on the stairs – but she isn’t supposed to.


When she hears my foot on the stairs, she covers her eyes with her paws.


She works on the basis that if she can’t see me, I can’t see her. She thinks she is invisible, and that as long as her paws are on her eyes – she is safe from guilt.


When she ate the novelty chocolates from the bottom branches of the Christmas tree she deployed the same tactic, even though she was lying under the tree and caught red pawed, with all the chocolate wrappers around her. But she didn’t flinch, totally in denial – the paws stuck fast across her eyes.


There are similarities between my Millie, and Tony Blair.


There is nothing as undignified as watching a leader in denial. Parliament is moribund. Labour MPs are miserable, the business is stalled, and we all know that we are going to bear witness, once again, to the humiliation of a British Prime Minister. That is not an edifying sight. I like dignity. I like standards. I hate to see the seedier side of ambitious personalities, as they jostle for positions of influence and attempt to dictate the Labour leadership agenda.


Nothing can be done to stop this. There are too many people with vested interests, too many people who have waited a long time for their turn. Gordon Brown will issue orders to his field marshals but they will have a tough time keeping control.


It is very different from the Conservative leadership election in 2005. We weren’t in power. Individual MPs had nothing to lose.


And who will be the losers this time? The British public of course.  Not one thing that will happen during the Labour leadership election will benefit a single man or woman one iota. It will in fact, make life worse, as government departments begin to lose their focus and direction, as civil servants wonder what is the point of anything they do at this point in time – as everyone wonders, just who is driving? Is anyone in?


The fact that Gordon needs Tony to stay until after Labour have suffered humiliating defeat in the local elections won't keep away the angry wolves in the form of wounded and hurt Labour MPs. It won't stop them snapping at the PM’s heels, howling at his door, and making his life a misery, after all, they blame him for so much.


If I were Tony I would go right now. I would pay Gordon back for all the harm I thought he had done to my legacy, by letting his first weeks in office be shrouded by the humiliation of the local election results, regardless of how beneficial that may be to the Conservatives.


If I were Tony, I would go to see the Queen and state that I had promised the British public I would serve a full term and therefore, as I am about to resign, wish to call a general election.


But then I’m just a Liverpool girl who never forgets when someone deliberately does her harm, (I am a Christian – I know, I know – I struggle!) Now, where is Cherie from? Well, as it happens, just down our street. Which is why I can’t believe for one moment Tony is going to give Gordon a golden passage from No 11 to No 10. Not unless he wants Cherie to contend with!

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