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Balls and Buses
Posted Tuesday, 6 February 2007 at 06:21

As of yesterday I am now driving to work and home each day.


Where the hell did those bendy buses come from?


What madman thought they were OK for the streets of London and safe for motorists in general?


The yellow sign on the back says ‘warning  this bus is 18 metres long’.


It should go on to say, ‘and totally unsuitable for British city roads laid down by the Romans for horses, chariots and gladiators!'


There is a danger that my blog may now become a road rage safety valve!


Had a chat with David Davis last night in the Tea Room, which opened my eyes to a new Labour leadership scenario.


What if the police send the cash for peerages files to the CPS and they prosecute? What if members of Blair’s staff are charged, say, Powell, Levy and Turner?


Would a Prime Minister be able to leave the helm in those circumstances? Would it be dishonourable of him to do so? Or would it be appropriate for him to stay until the court case was over and done with? I just can’t imagine it – his staff face a court case as a direct result of what took place in his private office and he walks away? That’s not going to happen is it?


Theresa Villiers and I are going to the Conservative Party alternative Blue and Green Ball on Wednesday night. We fancy ourselves as a bit of a Thelma and Louise duo, but of course, without driving off the Grand Canyon or breaking any speed limits. And actually, we will be in a Freelander driving from Parliament to Knightsbridge. We have been invited to join a table for dinner, er - I am going to shut up now, because the more I say the less exciting it sounds!

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