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Posted Thursday, 8 February 2007 at 15:57

If the Conservative Party is ever to be in power again, it absolutely has to win the next general election with a comfortable majority.


If we go to the country on 38% or 39% it will not be enough, and we will be forever in opposition, no matter what percentage of the vote we pull at any future election – we will never be in government again.


In the event of a hung Parliament, the Liberal Democrats and the Labour party have one thing in common, a desire to keep the Conservatives out of power.


Remember, the majority of Liberal Democrats are left of New Labour; they would have a long political journey to even get close to the left of the Conservative Party.


This is very obvious during long debates in the chamber. If a Conservative MP makes a good point or speech, a Liberal Democrat will intervene with a line totally in sympathy with the government’s position.


Sometimes I find this breathtaking. When I recently attacked the government and the Public Health Minister over sexual health and the out of control rise in STIs amongst teenagers, Sandra Gidley, the Liberal Democrat, intervened and attacked me, with much encouragement from the government front bench!


If you sit in the chamber for hours and absorb the minutia of the debate you can see very clearly what is happening. The Liberal Democrats have no natural synergy with the Conservative Party. Too many of their seats have a Conservative as a close second. They like to bash the government, but they relish attacking the Conservatives.


Ming and Gordon are friends. If we have a hung Parliament there will be another Lib-Lab pact and the price will be PR, which is being used in the Scottish local elections this time round. PR is already knocking on the border.


Gordon will be pragmatic enough to realise the New Labour salad days are over.

A Lib-Lab pact will be the lesser of the evils. PR will be the price, but Gordon will have had his time as PM, and the upside of course is that never again would Labour be forced into opposition for eighteen cold years as it was last time.


PR won’t seem too big a price to pay to ensure that the Conservative party never takes power again.

A You Gov poll this week found that 62% of the electorate regard no political party as representing their views. Music to the ears of UKIP and the ever growing political fringe.


I am trapped, it’s a snow day. I am now going to go and lie on the sofa with my daughter, a box of left over Ferrero Rocher from Christmas and watch Shakespeare in Love. We did this last snow day last year, and the year before, same DVD! I love traditions!

Auntie Flo' said:
Responded: Wednesday, 14 February 2007
In the event of a hung Parliament, the Liberal Democrats and the Labour party have one thing in common, a desire to keep the Conservatives out of power. (Nadine) I agree, this happened in my constituency - a nulab marginal. Nevertheless, I'm coming to the - widely held? - view that it might be best to keep all parties out of power with a hung parliament. Tell you why in a mo'
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