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The dogs breakfast is in the doctor.
Posted Sunday, 11 February 2007 at 12:06

I don’t know how it is, but a good friend of mine who is a GP, always seems to know when I have just cooked a meal. It was no surprise this morning that he arrived with a flourish in the kitchen, just after I had cooked breakfast, and bagged the leftover sausages – leaving a very startled looking Labrador! His wife is just the same, she knows her way around my fridge better than I do!


This morning he came bearing a gift, the BMJ, which he opened on a page with my photograph! The article was about the new battle over abortion and was entitled ‘Where do we draw the line’.


I had never actually regarded the BMJ as a ‘leftie’ mag, but I do now. It reads like a printed version of the BBC. I read it propped against the Aga whilst he hoovered up my bacon, the buttered toast and croissants, he really needs to check his cholesterol! Millie was totally dejected by this point – her breakfast was in the doctor!


I was disappointed with the article. After an hour long interview with the journalist in which we discussed all manner of concerns with regard to abortion, he focused only on my own personal experience as a nurse, and barely mentioned the Ferguson report, which very clearly identified the risk between mental health problems in later life and abortion.


He even, although he and I discussed this in detail, included a quote suggesting that I would like to ban abortion altogether. Never, ever, have I said that. It is a total misrepresentation of my position, and he knows this.


A web site called…. brace yourself…. ‘Hangbitch’, a left wing pro-abortion web site is out for me. It’s urging everyone to block up my mailbox and lobby me against my position.


This web site provides a direct link to the abortion rights web site, which make much of stating that they are not pro abortion. Yeah right.


They just don’t get it. The general public don’t like knowing that the abortion of babies terminated between 20 to 24 weeks happens over two days. That the baby is given an intracardiac lethal injection of Potassium Chloride, yes the same as they use on death row, through the mothers abdominal wall, into the babies heart, and then aborted on the second day using forceps.


This is to ensure that the baby is delivered dead and not alive. Call it the ‘yuk factor’ if you like – as the BMJ did today, I call it the ‘fact factor’. I have not yet met one person who has had that explained to them who hasn’t found this fact abhorrent, and very yuk indeed.


So I will keep telling people, and I will keep putting it on this blog, after all, 108,000 people read it in January.


The upside of the article in the BMJ is this – I have lost touch with so many of the nurses and medical students I trained with, especially a particular group at the Royal Liverpool Teaching Hospital, that I hope one of you recognises me and gets in touch, are you out there...anyone?

John Moss said:
Responded: Monday, 12 February 2007
Thank you for clarifying this as I didn't believe you were a total anti. Personally, I believe we need to tighten up the rules on how late women can have abortions and that we should not pay for them on the NHS where there are simply an alternative to contraception. That the NHS is far and away the greatest provider of abortion in the country when our NHS trusts are struggling to find the funding for real medical needs is something more people should shout about.
Philip Howells said:
Responded: Tuesday, 13 February 2007
Nadine, I have a lot of respect for you, and I think the 'hangbitch' action is a bit over the top. Although you can look up his name on the internet - he is just a rather childish antipodean - 'fairly harmless' as Hitch Hiker's might have said. Nobody thinks abortion is the most wonderful way of controlling the population. But as Claire Rayner said on Newsnight the other evening, in a BBC debate which was far more even handed than you would give them credit for, the choice is not between abortion and no-abortion. It is between safe abortion and back street abortion. CR said one of the first things she had to do as a nurse was to 'lay out' the body of a young lady who had bled to death after such a 'back-street abortion'. We do need a serious debate about this, but going back to rely on 'Vera Drake' is not, I believe, the answer. I would welcome your feedback though.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Tuesday, 13 February 2007
One of the most sensible comments on this emotive issue came from Nadine: "If pro-abortionists would consider the foetus a little more and anti-abortionists the mother a little more, we might make more progress".
Nadine said:
Responded: Tuesday, 13 February 2007
I would never wish to see the return of the back street abortionist. I am a realist and accept the fact that abortion is here to stay. What I wish to prevent , is a slide towards the American approach. With pro-abortion organisations looking to make abortion legaly and more easily available on demand, and the fact that the more I researched the more I realised what an industry this is, it is going to take some effort. 24 weeks is too late to abort. 600 abortions a day is too many.
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