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Yesterday's vote
Posted Tuesday, 25 October 2011 at 10:41

Some of the scare tactics used yesterday to make MPs buckle down and vote against the wishes of their associations and constituents were pretty appalling.

Last night reminded me of the story from history when the Bishops were locked in the cupboard during the Reign of Elizabeth I. It really wasn’t far off that as the atmosphere became pretty tense. Nothing much has changed in 400 years. It also reminded me of the time I saw a Labour MP try and hide in a big green bottle bin on the terrace when the Labour Chief Whip came looking for him during a tuition fees vote.

The tactics used by the Prime Minister's staff were un-statesmanlike and now questions are being asked about the ‘worthiness’ of the No10 inner circle.

Whoever the person close to Cameron is who said to an MP “what’s that behind you? Oh dear, it’s your career” should be sacked. Today.

Readers of my column in my local newspaper, the Beds Times and Citizen, will understand why I voted the way I did last night which was for the motion in support of an EU referendum.

We send £29 million per day to Europe. That is around £870 million per month and, over the next four years, the figure is predicted to be £41 BILLION.

We are implementing severe cuts to pay down the deficit whilst we give cash lump sums to countries like Greece.

One point I made last night was that people don’t just want the repatriation of powers; they want the repatriation of the money. We want to keep our money and sort out our problems here and stop spending it abroad. The touch paper was lit last night. We 81 will now look for ways we can agitate further towards a commitment for a referendum.

Maybe it’s time we started using a few tactics of our own.

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