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Reminder; Your abortion is booked at 10am tomorrow.
Posted Saturday, 17 September 2011 at 23:15

Text reminders for beauty treatments and hairdresser appointments have become a way of life.

The fact is, having a manicure or a cut and blow dry isn’t really on the top of my list of personal priorities in my busy life and so I often used to forget; now I don’t. The text reminder the night before from the salon focuses my mind and hardens my resolve to clear the diary for the following day.

It would appear that Bpas are getting fed up of women booking to have abortions and then having second thoughts.

You cannot equate the procedure of abortion to the self indulgence of a manicure, but Bpas have. Now they will send out text messages to remind women that they are due to have an abortion the following day, as reported in the Telegraph.

That is sinister.  No consideration or sensitivity for a woman’s feelings and an absolute ignorance with regard to the turmoil some will be in.  Just in case you may be wobbling or having second thoughts, a cold clinical reminder of what you are supposed to be doing  the following day will pop up on your phone the night before, to nudge your thought process the right way.  A subliminal message of a fait acompli, too late to turn back, no ducking out.  Between the lines the message reads ‘we are here, over your shoulder, in the background, waiting for you to arrive’.

Who benefits from this text reminder? Is it the woman? Is having an abortion something any woman would forget she was supposed to be doing?  I think not.

Or does it benefit the clinic by guaranteeing that as few women as possible change their mind and keep the appointment and the money coming in?

This is the most important question Bpas has to answer, Cui bono. To whose benefit?

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